Tigzon (タイガーキャット·ボーイ Taigākyatto· bōi) is Alex's transformation in the Tigzon series that he is a tiger-cat hybrid creature. His first appearance is Gamerdeath722's A Hoverboard Game, which Tigzon dosen't have his trademark hat. Alex Chang uses his Power Crystal to transform to him, which had a ability to go faster, fight faster and a ability to transform into Super Tigzon, by collecting many crystals.


Alex Chang is the main character of the Tigzon series. He is outgoing, trouble-making teenage boy, who is addicted to video games and action movies. When he found a Power Crystal, he has an ability to transform into a powerful tiger-cat hybrid creature, who he called himself, "Tigzon". In Tigzon Rebooted, His planet, Nexus was destroyed and Alex was frozen through the future years, but when scientist found him, he barely survived. He swore to restore his powers back to the Soul Crystal, to become normal.  

Appearance Edit

In this form, Tigzon is a tiger-cat hybrid creature, known as the Tigerat, with his trademark green hat. His color is Orange and he is highly resemblance as Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. In Super Tigzon, his appearance is a combination between Super Sonic from Sonic the Hedeghog and Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.

Realtionships with other characters Edit

Dr.Massona Edit

Alex's caring mother and a scientist. She and Alex moved to Professor Muzuka's lab house, where her friend Professor Muzuka.

Professor Muzuka 

Professor Muzuka is Dr. Massona's partner, who used be a co-worker at RED Headquarters. He is responsible for creating his Power Crystal.

Leaf Loola Edit

Alex/Tigzon's love interest, from her home planet Marx. She was rescued from the RED Headquarters by him

Tina LoolaEdit

She has a crush on Alex/Tigzon but he is aware of her. 

Rex ChangEdit

Brother of Mikey Chang and the main antagonist of the Tigzon series. Rex and Alex don't get along well.


A wolf-like character and Alex/Tigzon's rival. He will appear only in Tigzon Rebooted. Edit

Raynia JewellerEdit

Alex/Tigzon's friend that transform into a regular Puffy. Again, she will appear only in Tigzon Rebooted.

Captain  Azmiz Gingerbeard Edit

The recurring antagonist of the Tigzon series. He will only appear in Tigzon Rebooted

The PuffiesEdit

A races of ball-like cute creatures that were Leaf's pets. Tigzon must collect them to give her. 


  • Tigzon was originally a main character of Flash Adventure, but due to low views. The series was cancelled. 
  • Tigzon is simialr to Sonic the Hedgehog character.
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